Relay Protection

PGE’s relay protection team has a distinguished tradition of dedicated and professional work in the field of relay protection in power plants and substations of different voltage levels. We possess the essential expertise for designing, configuration, testing and commissioning of relay protection systems that are expected to work correctly and reliably in the most demanding conditions. From systems with old mechanical relays to highly integrated peer-to-peer solutions based on IEC 61850, our team can understand the nature of the problem and tailor the solution to the requirements of users, regardless of their complexity. Our engineers have extensive experience working with hardware and software platforms of most of the world's relay protection system manufacturers, which allows us to recommend the latest solutions regardless of the manufacturer or supplier of the equipment.


Relay protection system design

  • Creating a technical specification for relay protection systems
  • Creating of Protection Logic Diagrams (PLDs) in accordance with best practices and experience
  • Designing the relay protection system communication schemes in accordance with world best practice and experience

Relay protection system configuration and parameterization

  • Configuration and parameterization of protection and control devices
  • Configuration and parameterization of devices for automatic voltage regulation and thermal monitoring of power transformers
  • Configuration and parameterization of measuring transducers

Relay protection system testing

  • Complete wiring testing at power plants and substations
  • Primary and secondary testing of protection and control devices
  • Synchronized testing of longitudinal differential protection and communication schemes of HV transmission lines

Relay protection settings calculations

  • CT/PT calculations
  • Short circuit calculations
  • Generator, transformer, and transmission line protection settings calculations
  • Relay coordination / selectivity studies