About us

PowerGrid Engineering is a dynamic engineering and consulting company specializing in the delivery of engineering services for power generation, transmission and distribution utilities, and industrial facilities. PGE delivers reliable and proven solutions in power system analysis, substation design, relay protection setting and commissioning, SCADA, monitoring, and control.

We initiated our journey with the vision of creating a company wholly dedicated to our client’s needs and our employees. We firmly believe that mutual trust is the foundation of a successful and productive relationship with our clients. Additionally, we hold the belief that our employees represent our greatest value and are the key to our success. 

We continually introduce new ideas and promote a different approach to our customers, strongly encouraging them to share their challenges with us. The constant acquisition of new experiences, continuous improvement, enthusiasm for embracing new knowledge and technologies, and, above all, our open-mindedness and willingness to accept different opinions and specific user requirements, have all contributed to making our team highly recognizable.

Our business is founded on lasting relationships with both partners and customers. We attentively listen, we work hard to earn the trust and confidence, and we collaborate with all stakeholders in order to deliver the very best. 

By choosing PowerGrid Engineering, you not only receive an engineering service but also secure a reliable partner for your future development.


Create joy while solving customer’s problems. Striving to simplify engineering, reduce the complexity of offered solutions, and minimize investor’s stress during project implementation.

Additionally, we aim to establish a reputation as a responsible corporate citizen, dedicated to nurturing human values and concern for society. Our goal is to improve the quality of life within the local community through the execution of each of our projects.

We strive to build extraordinary people to do extraordinary things.


Our mission is to effectively solve client challenges while valuing the diversity in their individual requirements, all while upholding our business principles and values. By fostering partnerships with our clients, we aim to consistently provide high-quality, safe, reliable, and efficient solutions that bring new value to their business.

We center our focus on excellence: great people, great services, great products, and unbeatable performance. Devoted to providing the best Quality, Value and Service to our customer, our aim is to contribute to the increased reliability of power systems, enabling them to operate in a more economical and efficient manner.


At PGE, we firmly believe that by nurturing the full potential of our people, fostering longstanding client relationships, and dedicating ourselves to the success of every project, we help our clients to reach their vision. Therefore, we invest our time to fully understand our client’ entire business and the project that we are working on, since we strongly believe that the best way to achieve this goal is the commitment to the real needs of our clients.

As a competent and dedicated engineering team, we aspire to be our client’s preferred choice for engineering and consulting services. We want our clients to grow and develop with us, as we do with them.

We also firmly believe in our responsibility to share knowledge and experience within our team and with our clients. We provide our employees with essential trainings to enhance their performance and thereby elevate the technical proficiency of our team. By expanding our knowledge, we want to constantly push the boundaries in offering new technologies and solutions to our clients. 

We embrace challenges and are dedicated to the personal growth of our employees. We possess the self-awareness to acknowledge our mistakes and the courage to embrace change.

Core Values

  • Safety We operate with safety and responsibility as our top priority, or we do not proceed at all.
  • Excellence We are incredibly proud of what we deliver to our customers and that we help our customers to achieve their goals.
  • Customer Focus We actively listen to our customers, striving to understand and meet their needs.
  • Teamwork We believe we are stronger as a team.
  • Integrity Even when no one else is looking, our team acts honestly with strong moral principles.
  • Communication We communicate efficiently, clearly, and respectfully, sharing needs and expectations.